Things To Do In Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a city with ancient history in the southern part of Croatia. It is a famous tourist center and is called the ”Pearl of the Adriatic”. The city is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In the past, the city was one of the important centers of development of the Serbo – Croatian language. It was also a center for poets, painters, writers, and other scientists.

The history of Dubrovnik is remarkable. An independent, merchant republic for 700 years. Originally called Ragusa, the city was found in the 7th century as a refuge for coastal residents fleeing the advancing barbarians. The city was protected by defensive walls.

When you travel to Croatia, Dubrovnik is a must place to visit. Although Dubrovnik has much to offer in terms of historical sightseeing, the town can also attract you with his vibe, narrow streets, and sunny squares. Except for the churches and museums, you can also enjoy the restaurants, cafes, and etc. In July and August, the city is hosting the Dubrovnik Summer Festival which includes concerts, ballet, and opera. In winter, Dubrovnik is one of the best places to spend Christmas in Europe

I spend only 1 day in Dubrovnik as a day trip from Budva. If you’re spending more time in Croatia’s most known town, check this post of Dubrovnik hotels

things to do in dubrovnik

Old Town

Beautiful buildings, marble streets, and a wonderful atmosphere. Walking the narrow streets is absolutely pleasant.

things to do in dubrovnik

City Walls

The whole city is surrounded by walls that served as protection from attack by sea. They extend for 2 km and in some places they reach 25 meters in width.

things to do in dubrovnik


The main street of Dubrovnik. Stradun is 298 meters long. It begins and ends with fountains. The street was built after the earthquake in 1667. Nowadays Stradun is a favorite meeting place for both locals and travelers.

things to do in dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Cathedral

It was built in the southern part of the Isle of Laus in the 7th/8th century in late antique and Byzantine style. It was dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and named the Assumption Church. In the 12th century, a Romanic cathedral was built on the same spot.

things to do in dubrovnik

Sponza Palace 

It was built between 1515-1522, from Gothic to Renaissance, according to the designs by Paskoje Milicevic. It was used as a customs house, bank, national treasury and it was also the seat for Dubrovnik academics during and after the Renaissance.

things to do in dubrovnik

Bokar Fortress 

It was built to protect the main gates, falling bridge and moat to the gate Pille. Nowadays it hosts events from the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

things to do in dubrovnik

Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is located half a kilometer from the coast of Dubrovnik. It has a botanical garden and plants from all over the world. In 1976 it was declared a natural forest reserve.

things to do in dubrovnik

Nevermind that Dubrovnik is in another country but it makes one of the best day trips from Budva, Montenegro.

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