Lokrum Island, Secret Getaway From Dubrovnik

lokrum island

Lokrum is an island in the Adriatic Sea, located just across the Old Town of Dubrovnik. It’s a perfect getaway from the city of Dubrovnik. The islet is small and you don’t need more than half a day there to explore it.

Lokrum is very popular among the locals who use it as a getaway from the city to sunbathing and enjoy the silence. In my opinion, is a little gem and of the hidden islands of Croatia, which is starting to get more and more popular. 

In 1963 the island of Lokrum was declared a Natural reserve and in 1976 a Special Forestry Reserve.

lokrum island

Things you can do on the island of Lokrum:

Walk around the Botanical Garden

The Botanical gardens of Lokrum are home to 500 different kinds of exotic plants, mostly trees, and shrubs. Most of them are brought from Australia and South America.

lokrum island

Swim in the Dead Sea

Within the island of Lokrum, there is a little salt lake linked to the open sea. The lake is 10 meters deep and is easy to swim in.

lokrum island


If it is a summer period you can enjoy swimming and sunbathe on the rocky spots all along the island.

There is also a nudist beach at the island in the south-eastern part of it.

lokrum island

Benedictine monastery

The first written mention of Lokrum was when the Benedictine monastery was founded in 1023. Go back in time as you enter the monastery and observe the remains of the 12th or 13th-century Romanesque-Gothic basilica.

lokrum island

Make a picnic

There are restaurants in the complex, but why not making a picnic instead. The island has many suitable spots to sit and enjoy a sandwich and wonderful views.

Enjoy the silence

If you like sometimes to get away from the noises while admiring wonderful views, you’ll love it here. Away from the crowds in Dubrovnik savor how quiet it is.

lokrum island

Sit on the Iron Throne

Dubrovnik is well known for being one of the places where the popular TV series ”Game of Thrones” has been filmed. Lokrum was used for filming some of the series, too. If you’re a fan of the series, don’t skip taking a picture seating on the iron throne. And if you’re a superfan, there are also tours of Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik taking you through the locations where the series were filmed.

You will also find different animals wandering around the island. Some of the animals you may run into are rabbits, lizards, tortoises, and peacocks.

lokrum island

How to get from Dubrovnik to Lokrum Island

Getting from Dubrovnik to Lokrum is easy. It’s just 15 minutes boat ride from Dubrovnik Old Town Harbour. The boats are leaving every half an hour from 9 AM till 7 PM.

Alternately, you can get to the island by sea kayaking.

Where to stay in Lokrum

No one lives on the island and there are no accommodation options. In the Old Town of Dubrovnik and outside you can find a big range of hostels, hotels, and apartments. For more information check this guide of where to stay in Dubrovnik

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lokrum island



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