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Szentendre is a small, charming riverside town in Pest county, Hungary on the Danube bank north of Budapest. The closeness to the Hungarian capital makes it a wonderful day trip. It is known for its museums and you’ll experience a Mediterranean atmosphere there.

Szentendre is one of the best day trips ideas from Budapest and one of the most charming cities to visit in Hungary. But what can you do there? Here are 4 things to check out.

#1 Fo Ter 

This is the name of the main square. It is the most important part of Szentendre. From the Middle Ages, it has been the center of the cultural and economic life of the city. In the center of the square, you’ll see the Memorial Cross or Plague Cross which is the symbol of the town. It is built in memory of the town escaping the plague. Looking around the square is surrounded by old but well-kept merchant houses.

travel szentendre

#2 Micro Art Museum

Maybe my favorite museum. It’s so interesting and impressive. Images presented inside a poppy seed, on a pinhead or grain of sugar – amazing. The only way to see them is by microscope. The creator is Ukraine’s Mykola Syadristy. This exhibition brings together art, science, and technology. Once again it’s so awesome so make sure you visit it.

travel szentendre

travel szentendre

#3 Marzipan Museum

The museum is dedicated to the life and work of the Hungarian confectioners Matyas Szamos and Karoly Szabo. The exhibition represents the art of marzipan making along with some of their creations, like a marzipan version of Michael Jackson, the Parliament building and etc.

travel szentendre

travel szentendre

#4 Shopping

The streets abound in shops. They are offering all sorts of souvenirs, paprika, wine, shirts, fridge magnets, and more. But it’s not all so touristy there are several unique shops that offer accessories and designer clothes, antiques.

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