Things to do in Den Haag For Free


As you can probably guess, Den Haag is not the most budget-friendly city in the world. However, there are still many things to do in Den Haag For Free. And if you ask me they are also the best ones. 

Den Haag was my second stop on my 10-day Netherlands trip and I stayed there for 2 nights.

I liked the city a lot. It’s much calmer than Amsterdam, and it’s very pretty as well. In fact, Den Haag is one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands

And yes everyone knows that the Netherlands it’s not the cheapest country in the world, actually, it’s the opposite and although Den Haag it’s an expensive city there are many cool things to do for free. Of course, there are also many other things to do in The Hague/Den Haag that aren’t free but also deserve to be seen. 

During my stay in Den Haag, those are the things that I found the best but I’m sure that the city has even more to offer, so I would visit it again with pleasure.

Walk around aimlessly and admire the beautiful architecture of the city

If you follow the blog, then you already might know that one of my favorite things to do is to explore a new place by walking aimlessly and getting lost in it.

Den Haag is a perfect city to do so. It’s very easy to get around and explore on foot (and public transportation is quite expensive).

Also, the architecture in Den Haag is very beautiful. I have a thing for big windows, bicycles and beautiful big doors. The typical Netherlands picture.

One thing that I was really disappointed by was that I couldn’t visit the Den Haag library. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s closed for visitors as per the locals I’ve asked how to get there.


Feed the ducks

You will find them just on the other side of the Den Haag Centraal railway station.

There are people (like this man in the picture below) going there prepared to do so. Or you can just sit on one of the benches and enjoy the moment.


See the deer in the center of the city 

Yep, except ducks, there are also deers in the city center. They are also in the park on the other side of the railway station, just behind the ducks.

Go check these cuties. How not to like Den Haag?!


Go to the beach 

Scheveningen or the Den Haag beach is another place you should visit in the city. The beach is 15 minutes or less train ride from the city center. 

There are many bars, restaurants and cafes, some attractions and you can also do a bungee jump from the tower at the beach, how cool?

When I went to the beach and during my whole stay in Den Haag, in general, the weather was not very nice although it was summer (end of June). However, I still got inside the North Sea even though the water was cold.

But if the weather is nice take advantage of it and go for a swim.



Visit the Japanese Garden 

Actually, visit Clingendael Park, as the Japanese Garden can be visited only during a short period of the year, due to its fragility. 

When I went to the park it was closed and I managed to see it just from the outside. 

However, the park itself is very nice and very big as well. In the park, there are also lots of animals. 

If the weather is nice it can be a great place for a picnic or any sports activities. 


People watch at the Grote Markt

The Grote Markt is in the heart of the city. The name can be literally translated to ”Great Market”. This is one of the favorite spots of the locals surrounded by many bars and clubs. 

From the early morning till the late night, you can witness a welcoming atmosphere and people having a good time.  

In the middle of the square, there is a statue of the iconic comic book figure Haagse Harry (first time hearing him, of course). Harry is a popular Dutch comic book series in which the main character speaks a phonetic Hague dialect. With his dialect and sense of humor, Haagse Harry became the most famous ‘Haganees’ in the Netherlands.


Go for a day trip to Delft 

Getting to Delft from Den Haag is not free but once there, again all of the best things to do are. 

Delft is a charming small town 20 minutes tram ride away from Den Haag. 

Delft is simply wonderful and so easy to fall in love with. Canals, lovely architecture, great atmosphere, numerous street artists, and again bicycles everywhere. Having this in mind, a day trip to Delft is not to be missed. 


The red lights district

I didn’t know that there is a red lights district in Den Haag until I accidentally found it looking for something to eat, lol! 

And although using the services of the girls is far away from free, watching them ”working” is. 

Unlike Amsterdam in Den Haag, you won’t see parties and crowds of tourists but just a few men’s browsing the windows. 

How to get from Amsterdam to Den Haag

Getting around the Netherlands is very easy and convenient using the trains. That’s how I choose to travel between both cities, as my hostel in Amsterdam was close to the Amsterdam Centraal, and to get to the bus, I needed to go to the other side of the city.

The trains are very comfortable and they even have Wi-Fi.

The train ticket between Amsterdam and Den Haag costs 11.50 euros.

Except for the trains, you can also get a Flixbus from Amsterdam to Den Haag, which is cheaper, of course (5 euro).

Where to stay in Den Haag

During my stay in Den Haag, I’ve stayed in Stayokay Den Haag Hostel. The hostel has a perfect location close to both the railway station and Den Haag Centraal and it’s 5 minutes away from the city center.

You can book your stay here and read my full review of the hostel here.

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