Clink78 or Where to Stay in London Near King’s Cross St. Pancras

London is a big city but with the tube is very easy to get around. King’s Cross St. Pancras is one of the biggest stations in the city and very convenient to get from there to anywhere else in the city.

During my 4 days stay in London, I choose to stay at Clink78 Hostel. The hostel is located 5-10 minutes walking distance away from the King’s Cross St. Pancras station.

There are actually two Clink hostels in London, 78 & 261, both of which are located near the King’s Cross St. Pancras station.

If you want to stay somewhere where it would be easy to get around the city, then continue reading my Clink 78 Hostel Review, where to stay in London near King’s Cross St. Pancras.

P.S. Clink is also listed in this post as one of the best hostels in London!

where to stay in london near kings cross pancras


Clink78 is located in a very convenient place. It takes just between 5 and 10 minutes to get to the King’s Cross St. Pancras and from there you have a connection with the whole city. Except with the other parts of the city, there are trains departing from there to other parts of the country. But be aware that the station is huge and it might be confusing for you at first.

Also, if you don’t mind walking a bit more, you can get to St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge or Big Ben in 40 minutes. 

There is also a bus stop directly in front of the hostel with great links to the city. 


In the area where Clink78 is located, there is everything – shops, even 24h shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, kebabs, pharmacies, everything you might need. 


The hostel, in general, is huge and there are lots of rooms. I’ve stayed in a female dorm room, which was located in let’s call it a female ”corner” because there were only female dorms there. The bathrooms and the showers were separate but also enough so you don’t wait (at least I never waited). 

The rooms are clean and the beds are very comfortable, and the pillows as well. However, unfortunately, I couldn’t take a very nice picture of the room, as you can see because the other girls were messy. 

where to stay in london near kings cross pancras

Bar & breakfast bar

Clash Bar – yup, the hostel has its own bar where you can go grab a beer and party. They even make events on the weekends with a Dj. 

The bar offers a big choice of beers and they are at reasonable prices (for London).

The breakfast at Clink78

At Clink78 Hostel you can enjoy all you can eat breakfast for only £1 (Whaaat?!). Yes, if you book in advance, you can have that, so don’t hesitate even for a second. The breakfast includes bread, spreads, cheeses, cereals, fruits, coffee, tea, juice. 

where to stay in london near kings cross pancras

The staff

Because the hostel is really huge they have lots of staff, which is always busy with its tasks. However, if you need anything they will kindly help you. 

At the reception when you check-in they will explain to you everything and ask you if you need any pieces of advice, etc. 

where to stay in london near kings cross pancras

Other features 

The Wi-Fi connection at the hostel is great!

There is a big luggage room where you can store your things but have in mind that even though the room is locked your things won’t be stored in a locker or anything, so if you have any valuable things, I will advise you to keep them with you.  

What’s awesome? – The hostel building was once a courthouse. 

So, my recommendation for where to stay in London near King’s Cross St. Pancras goes to Clink 78 Hostel. The hotel is perfect for solo and budget travelers. 

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where to stay in london near kings cross pancras