The Ultimate Travel More & Worry Less Shoes by Tropicfeel

For the mountain.

For the water.

For the city.

For everywhere near and far.

The ultimate travel more & worry less shoes by Tropicfeel review.

Ever since I got the shoes, I have used them while hiking, bicycling, and kayaking. The pair that I own and review in this post is the Monsoon Choco Red.

Tropicfeel shoes are advertised as the most versatile shoes ever, as well as the ideal travel shoes. In this post, I share whether these claims are justified based on my experience wearing them for six months now.

Tropicfeel sneaker

About the sneakers

I received my Tropicfeel shoes in the middle of the winter in Bulgaria so I had to wait a few months before I started testing them. The first few times I put on the shoes was to walk my dog or walking around the city. They are absolutely great as day shoes and you can easily explore any new city wearing them. Tropicfeel sneakers are so comfortable, you won’t even feel them on your feet.

The first adventure I took them with me on was a bicycling tour in Strandzha Mountain. Unfortunately, the tour didn’t go as planned and we didn’t complete it, but that’s a different story. On this first adventure with Tropicfeel shoes, I feel in love with these sneakers.

I spent 4 days bicycling with them and I don’t have any complaints. They are light, very comfortable whether worn with or without a sock, and I felt as if I were pedaling barefoot, while not feeling any contact of my feet with the pedals.

Cycling with Tropicfeel shoes

During this bike trip, we also camped. In the evenings, when we wеre falling asleep, we were leaving our shoes outside in front of the tent. Despite the dew in the early hours, my sneakers were always dry in the morning.

I’ve also mentioned that I have also tested them when hiking. They are great for easier routes on soil terrain. Although Tropicfeel sneakers provide technical outsole material of hiking shoes, I personally would consider whether to trust them for more serious and technical hiking trails. However, I have climbed high mountain peaks wearing them (in areas where I have been before and are well known to me).

Please note that when I’m talking about hiking, I’m talking about going to the mountains at an elevation of 2, 500 meters (8, 000+ feet). People always have a different understanding of hiking, so I just wanted to make that clear. And to sum it up, I would hike with them in summer on soil and even rocky terrain, but when going to more technical routes, I’d choose my hiking shoes.

ultimate travel more & worry less shoes by tropicfeel 

Pros of Tropicfeel sneakers:

  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Breathable
  • Quick-drying
  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable

Cons of Tropicfeel sneakers: 

The only downside of the Tropicfeel sneakers that I can think of is that they are not suitable for cold weather and rain. Yes, even if you get wet, they will dry quickly, but only in the sun. If it’s the cold end of autumn or the beginning of winter, you wouldn’t want your feet all wet and freezing. 

About Tropicfeel

It’s no surprise that Tropicfeel has been found by travelers.  Аfter destroying numerous pairs of sneakers the founders decided to create the ultimate travel shoes and help fellow travelers pack up the right gear.

Tropicfeel shoes are designed to be worn in any situation you might find yourself in while traveling.


Besides that they make great travel shoes, Tropicfeel is on a mission to build a positive relationship with our environment by contributing to a better future. Here’s how Tropicfeel commits to sustainability:

  • Up to 6 recycled plastic bottles per pair find new life as materials used to create Tropicfeel shoes.
  • The shoe insole is made with 8% Bloom foam, a material made from harvested algae. This harvesting process helps protect aquatic life.
  • 20% of upcycled EVA material is used in the midsole, helping reduce unnecessary waste.
Kayaking with Tropicfeel shoes

Price & Are they worth it?

Reading the article until this point you’re probably already wondering how much the Tropicfeel shoes cost. The original price for all models is 99 EUR, but now you can buy a pair from the Canyon series for only 89 EUR, and Cala for 79 EUR – I haven’t personally tried the Canyon and Cala but I bet they are just as good.

And you’re also probably guessing the answer to the question are they worth it.

Yes, they are worth it.

In the last few years, I have traveled to 30+ countries and I have always had struggles to choose the best shoes to take with me on a trip. Traveling for a long time with just one backpack and visiting various places, I have always looked for the most comfortable shoes. The problem has always been that I can not take a different pair of shoes for each activity I participate in, or place that I am visiting. This is where Tropicfeel comes with a solution.

Tropicfeel aims to help us focus more on traveling than packing the right gear.




At the beginning of this article, I wrote that Tropicfeel shoes are advertised as the most versatile shoes, as well as the ideal travel shoes and that I want to share whether these claims are justified. With all that has been said in this article and my own personal experience with the sneakers, I’d say that these allegations have not been exaggerated.

If you have any additional questions about Tropicfeel shoes you can feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help.

I want to thank Tropicfeel for letting me test their sneakers. I received the shoes complimentary to review, but as always, opinions are my own! I honestly believe these shoes are fantastic and I hope that once you try them yourself, you’ll fall in love with them too. 

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