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away from the crowds with in Iceland

If you’ve been following this blog or my social media accounts, you’ll know how much I love nature. Some of my favorite places include the mountains, being next to a lake surrounded by forest, or deserted beaches. Anywhere away from the crowds, anywhere where I can find some peace, anywhere where I can stargaze is a dream destination to me.

And you know what? There is a place on the internet where you can search for unique accommodations in nature, away from everything. Sounds great, a? Let me introduce you to, the booking platform for getaways in nature.

away from the crowds with in Tyrol, Austria

About and who is it for is a marketplace offering over 15, 000 nature houses all over Europe. The nature houses that you can find on the platform are always suited in remote locations, away from the crowds, in the middle of nature.

On top of that, there is a unique type of house for everyone’s taste. You can book a stay at a cottage, bungalow, treehouse, cabin, safari tent, luxury chalet, and more.

Imagine waking up in your cottage and opening the window. Exposing yourself to the sound of singing birds. Waking up with a cup of coffee on the terrace, with a beautiful view of the sunrise. After breakfast, you get ready for a day out. The immediate surroundings of your nature house are perfectly suited for a good break. A walk through the forest, picnic by the lake, or maybe a relaxing day staying around the house.

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Does this sound like music to your ears? If so, then is the place to plan your next nature getaway. has been established by two Dutch brothers who ”can’t stand” holiday bungalows in parks. While planning a birdwatching trip in the Extremadura region of Western Spain, the two brothers, Tim & Luuk Oerle were searching for a quiet house where they could do their thing undisturbed. Everything that they could find was holiday parks and so the idea of was born.

But it’s more than just a marketplace for accommodations away from the crowds and not on big holiday parks. is on a mission to connect people with nature and contribute to local nature projects. Read on to find out more about’s sustainability projects. 

On a mission to plant one million trees

For every night booked at, one tree is planted. Their goal was to plant one million trees by 2021, but already surpassed that goal and have planted more than one million trees in Africa (Madagascar, Tanzania, and Burkina Faso)!

By planting trees, aims to compensate for the CO2 emission and turn the planet back into a good place for plants and animal species. All trees are planted by the local population, so the project also supports the local economy.

Contributing to local nature projects

For every booking made at, the team donate €1 to local nature projects. So far, they are contributing to local nature projects in The Netherlands but planning to do the same in other countries in the near future, too.

By doing this, they, through you, give something back to nature, so we can together preserve it and continue enjoying it for a long time to come.

With all this being said, by making a booking at in essence, you: 

  • Help preserve the environment 
  • Donate €1 (for every night booked) to support local nature projects
  • Find a home away from home
  • Have an undisturbed getaway in the middle of nature
  • Enjoy peace away from the crowds 

For more information about, their projects, and the destinations offered, you can check out their website. Also, you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Feel free to contact me if you feel like sharing something or have a question – I’ll do my best to help! 

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Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by However, I would never accept to advertise a product or service in which I don’t believe in. I believe in’s mission and in my opinion, they are on the track to change the way we travel for the better. For a reference, you can check my Pricay & Disclaimer Policy page

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