Staying at The Cool Circus Hostel in The Center of Berlin

If you’re traveling to Berlin soon and wondering where to stay, stay at the cool Circus Hostel in the center of Berlin.  

The Circus Hostel is the perfect place to stay in Berlin because of its convenient location and cool atmosphere. On top of that, The Circus Hostel is also budget-friendly. 

I’ve stayed at The Circus Hostel during my third visit to Berlin. Berlin is always a good idea and it’s without any doubt one of the best European weekend getaways.

staying circus hostel center berlin

I’ve stayed at The Circus Hostel for 3 nights in a dorm room.

So, why staying at the cool Circus Hostel in the center of Berlin when visiting the city? 


If you’ve already have been to Berlin before, you know that getting around the city is very easy because there are many trains, buses, connections between them, etc. 

The Circus Hostel is located right next to the Rosenthaler Platz U-Bahn stop, line U8. From there you are just 2 stops away from Alexanderplatz. You can even walk this distance, it will take you about 15-20 minutes or so. 

In the area where The Circus Hostel is located, there are many restaurants and cafes. The hostel is also very close to the Weinbergspark, park that I just discovered in Berlin. The park is very nice and pretty, perfect for a morning run or a walk, picnic or coffee, even yoga. 

Also, the most important place near the hostel is the Rosenthaler Grill & Schlemmerbuffet. Delicious and cheap doners. It’s open 24/7, so it’s the perfect place to get something bad to eat after partying all night, or all day, in Berlin you never know. 

staying circus hostel center berlin


In the room, there was enough free space and the bed was comfortable. The bathroom and the showers are separately but there are enough of them on each floor, so you’re not going to wait. 

From the room that I was staying at The Circus Hostel, there was a street view and I could also see the TV Tower. 

If you’re looking for some more privacy, The Circus Hostel offers also private rooms and they also have a Circus Hotel, which is on the other side of the street. 

staying circus hostel center berlin

staying circus hostel center berlin

All you can eat breakfast

Hungry? You won’t be if you stay at The Circus Hostel

Their all-you-can-eat breakfast will keep you full for the day. For 5 euro only, you have unlimited access to the buffet and as much coffee as you want. And! And, the breakfast is available until 1 pm. 

The buffet includes milk, yogurt, oats, different toppings for the oats, fruits, bread, eggs, cheeses, hams, some vegetables, waffles, and some other tasty things. 

The Circus Cafe itself is very nice with tables outside and a garden. 

staying circus hostel center berlin

The Circus bar and microbrewery

Okay, which other hostel has its own microbrewery in the basement? And if this is not enough good reason for staying at the cool Circus Hostel then I don’t know what is. 

Seriously, to brew their own beer right in the basement next to the bar is abso-fucking awesome! 

Actually, this was not my first time in the Circus Bar. I was there the previous time I was in Berlin and the microbrewery impressed me then, and I liked the beer. 

So, get down and start off your night in Berlin with a fresh Circus beer. 

P.S. When checking in, you will receive something like a, let’s call it ticket, which gets you the first beer for free. 

The staff

The staff at The Circus Hostel is smiley and helpful. 

There are lots of people working there but the staff at the reception and the staff at the coffee that I was in contact with were lovely.

David Hasselhoff Museum

A hidden and unknown museum in the center of Berlin, in the basement of The Circus Hostel. 

staying circus hostel center berlin

There is a campaign to change the name of the street outside the hostel to David-Hasselhoff-Strasse. You can support the campaign on Facebook

However, the David Hasselhoff museum is something unique, which you can find only in the trendy and cool Circus Hostel. 

Wait! Did I mention the owls?

staying circus hostel center berlin

Start your morning with yoga

Start your day with a view over the rooftops of Berlin and a good yoga practice.

I’ve gone to the yoga class on my last day in Berlin. The practice was great and it gave me lots of energy for the rest of the day. Also, the rooftop of The Circus Hotel has one of the best views of Berlin

The yoga classes are available at The Circus Hotel, Monday & Thursday at 9 am.

staying circus hostel center berlin

Staying at the cool Circus Hostel in the center of Berlin during my third visit to the city was a great choice for me. 

If you’re visiting Berlin and you want to stay at a place that is well located, social and trendy, and even budget-friendly, The Circus Hostel will be a great choice for you as well. 

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