Berlin is always a good idea

berlin is always a good idea

I love going back to Berlin. Ever since I visited the German capital for the first time, Berlin became one of my favorite cities. There are many things that I like about the city and one of them is that you can not ever get bored. There is just so much to explore and do.

I was just recently back in Berlin and spend a few days in the city before and after my one-week trip to Egypt. That was my 5th time in Berlin. Here are the new things that I discovered in this German hippest city and some old but gold favorites that I haven’t mentioned before on the blog:

Vivid Grand Show

Who can you be? Who are you when no one is watching? When was the last time that you did something for the first time? How far would you go to be happy and fulfilled?

A celebration of life is a story in which a young girl is separated from her father and transformed into an android – half-human, half machine. While she’s searching for her identity deep inside her, she finds the beauty of things around her that we, humans, often overlook.

A truly spectacular show of which more than one hundred talented artists are being part. Incredible and inspiring performance. Unique costumes. Get a glimpse from the show trailer:

VIVID is a hypersensuous journey of self-discovery and a declaration of love to life. So if you’re visiting Berlin in 2019, make sure to go and see this show. If you’re into that kind of art and shows, you’ll absolutely love it!

Program and tickets can be found here.

Thank you Friedrichstadt-Palast for inviting me!

The Reichstag dome

5th time in Berlin and I finally made it to the Reichstag dome. Over 800 tons of steel and 3 000 square meters of glass went into building the structure, which is open for visitors for FREE – you only need to book a date & time for your visit in advance on this link.

The Reichstag building itself is the seat of the German parliament.

New discoveries 


If you into Indian food, then give Chutnify a try – their chicken curry comes with my highest recommendations. And their dosas are great, too! 

Musashi sushi

Seriously, one of the best sushi that I’ve ever had & one of the coolest sushi restaurants I’ve been to. If you’re a sushi maniac like me, then that’s the place to go to in Berlin. I previously used to go to NAMU sushi lounge in Mitte, but this Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg gem stole my sushi craving heart. ❤ 

P.S. I only tried the sushi, but the noodles were looking great, too. Let me know what you think of them if you give them a try. 


All-time favorite doner kebab in Berlin

Bistro Nazar is just outside the U6 station, Platz der Luftbrücke. I was taken there the first time when I was in Berlin by my Couchsurfing host. I always go back to this place now when I’m in Berlin. The best doners in town!?

Here’s the exact location in Google maps: Bistro Nazar 

Showing the most iconic spots to my friend

I usually always travel solo to Berlin. On this trip tho, one of my dearests friends joined me for a weekend in Berlin. It was Denis’s second time in the city, but he didn’t actually saw or did anything the first time when he visited the city. For that reason, we spend one day exploring the most iconic places in Berlin – The Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag (covered above), The Holocaust Memorial, The Berlin Dom, Alexanderplatz & The East Side Gallery.

The Brandenburg Gate

Perhaps the most iconic landmark of Berlin. It is built on the site of a former city gate that marked the start of the road from Berlin to the town of Brandenburg.

The Holocaust Memorial

Memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, located in the center of Berlin between the Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz.

The Berlin Dom

The Protestant Berlin Cathedral is Berlin’s largest church and one of the main sights in the city center. It is located on Museum Island.

berlin is always a good idea

berlin is always a good idea


The most famous square in Berlin, located in the heart of the city – Mitte district. Here is also the TV Tower. You can get to the top of the tower for a view of the city, but I recommend going to the 37th floor of the ParkInn Hotel instead. The hotel is on the other side of the TV Tower and you get a view of the city, including the iconic tower and it costs 4 times less.

  • TV Tower admission: EUR 16.50
  • ParkInn Panorama Terrace: EUR 4 – enjoy the view of the city from here, is one of the best things to do in Berlin on a budget!

East Side Gallery

The largest open-air gallery in the world that is covered with murals directly on the 1316 meters long remnant of the Berlin Wall.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

Do you know that the fall of the Berlin wall happened by mistake? On November 9th, 1989, at a press conference, the chief of the Socialist Unity Party in East Berlin, Günter Schabowski announced that restrictions on travel visas would be lifted. When asked when the new regulations would begin, Schabowski said ”Immediately, without delay”.

Berliners rushed to the wall from East and West alike and they sang and danced on the top of the Berlin wall in what so many people call ”the greatest street party in the history of the world”.

In reality, however, Schabowski didn’t understand the question he was asked and confused his answer. The restrictions were to be announced the following day and would still have required the locals to go through the visa application process.

berlin is always a good idea

What else is happening in Berlin in 2019? 

2019 also marks the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Bauhaus and will be celebrated throughout the whole year with plenty of exhibitions, festivals, and events. In the summer of 2019, you can also expect the opening of the James-Simon-Galerie & Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace, whose future events will provide a stage for world cultures and central questions facing humanity. For more information about events and highlights of 2019, visit the Visit Berlin official page

Berlin Welcome Card

This year was also the first time when I tried the Berlin Welcome Card. Especially if you’re visiting the city for the first time, it can save you a lot of money. Not only that it includes your public transportation, but also offers you discounts to more than 200 tourist sites, attractions, and restaurants. 

The Berlin Welcome Card is available for 2 to 6 days and it’s also family-friendly. Up to 3 children can use public transportation free of charge with their parents’ Welcome Card. 

You can learn more and purchase your Berlin Welcome Card here



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