Paragliding in Gudauri – An Epic Experience With Fly Caucasus

paragliding gudauri experience

WOW! Gudauri – I’m in love with your gorgeous, wild, and virgin mountains!

After hiking to the Gergeti Glacier in Kazbegi it was time for another epic experience in Georgia, paragliding.

The first time I passed through Gudauri was when I was on my way to Kazbegi. I was watching through the marshrutka window the amazing mountains and I couldn’t believe how beautiful this place is.

I fell in love from first sight and I was sure that my paragliding experience in Gudauri is going to be epic! I haven’t even imagined how epic it will actually be.

paragliding gudauri experience

Driving through Heaven

I spent 2 and a half days in Kazbegi and then I headed back to stay in Tbilisi for one more night before going to Kutaisi again and leave Georgia.

My paragliding experience happened in between.

A quick introduction to Guadauri 

Gudauri is situated on the way to Stepantsminda, on the Georgian Military Road that connects Tbilisi and Russia.

Gudauri is a young and rapidly developing ski resort in the greatest Caucasus Mountain Range at an elevation of 2, 200 meters above sea level & one of the best places for skiing in Georgia

paragliding gudauri experience

About the flight 

For my paragliding in Gudauri experience, I choose Fly Caucasus

Fly Caucasus is a paragliding company with 10 years of experience in Gudauri. They fly every day and all year round making sure that the weather conditions are good for flying and that everything is safe. 

Now about my paragliding in Gudauri epic experience with Fly Caucasus

The day of my paragliding flight came and I was very excited! 

From Kazbegi I could have got to Gudauri with the marshrutka. However, I decided that I would hitchhike. The third or the fourth car stopped and two cool Georgian guys took me. (it was totally safe!) 

I’ve had a meeting with the Fly Caucasus team soon after. 

I’ve met the guys and we took off to the mountain slope from where we started the flight. 

Did I mention that it was my first paragliding flight? 

While we’re driving to the slope I was talking with my pilot, Fyodor. He asked me if this will be my first paragliding experience and I told him it will be and that I have tried skydiving and that I really enjoyed it. He said that they are much different and that the paragliding is much better, at least for him. I already couldn’t wait to see it! 

We reached the slope and he started preparing everything and explaining to me what should I do. 

paragliding gudauri experience

The moment came! We started running so the wind could catch the canopy and we get airborne. 

I didn’t felt exactly when we got out of the ground before I see that I’m running in the air and before he told me that I can now sit and relax. I did. 

The magic started happening!

We were flying for 50 minutes above the wild and virgin Georgian mountains. 

My paragliding flight in Gudauri was an epic experience. It was amazing, it was crazy, it was beautiful, it was exciting, it was calming, it was captivating, it was breathtaking, it was everything I wanted it to be and even more! 

I liked everything about Georgia and my paragliding experience in Gudauri was just the cherry on the cake. To experience this at Gudauri, at this gorgeous place is an amazing reason why you need to travel to Georgia. And you shouldn’t miss this for anything!

I don’t even know what else to write, how to describe it, what words to use. 

Maybe not everyone would like it as much as I did and that’s fine, we’re all different. However, I found the endless mountain views as the most beautiful thing in the world and having the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of those untouched Caucasus mountains from a bird’s point of view made me truly happy. Also, I believe that everything that makes you happy, gets you excited, makes your heart beat faster, or gives you butterflies in your stomach is worth it and you should go for it. And yes, that’s kind of how I felt about my paragliding flight in Gudauri, thanks to Fly Caucasus. 

paragliding gudauri experience

Fly Caucasus team

The guys at Fly Caucasus are real professionals with lots of practice and experience in what they do. They are also nice and cool.  

My pilot, Fyodor, was wonderful. We’re talked with each other about different things during the flight. He told me how he started with paragliding, etc, and he was really, really nice. 

He took me inside a cloud, which was awesome, and in the end, we started spinning, which was awesome as well. 

Also, I saw right from the beginning of how paragliding is way greater and enjoyable than skydiving. I mean, I would skydive again anytime but with the paragliding, the experience is much different. I would also paraglide again anytime, of course, I hope it will be soon! 

paragliding gudauri experience

I don’t have any doubts that I will visit Georgia again. Maybe next time it will be in the winter and as mentioned, Fly Caucasus offers paragliding flights all year round, so they also fly during the winter. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to fly above the snow-covered mountains? I don’t want just to imagine that but experience it for real. 

As for an end, here’s a 10 minutes video from my flight just to see a bit of how beautiful it is, although it’s not even close to the real experience. 

I want to thank Fly Caucasus for this epic experience. As always, opinions are my own!

Are you planning to travel to Georgia soon? Don’t think about it and book your flight right away, you’ll thank me later.

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paragliding gudauri experience

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