London For Food Lovers – East End Food Tour

london food lovers east end food tour

London can be a paradise for food lovers. You can find everything there to satisfy your cravings and one thing that you should definitely try is the East End Food Tour.

To be honest, London was never part of my ”bucket list” or whatever, unlike for many other people. I decided to visit it just because I found cheap flights from London to Georgia, which was my target destination, and I thought – okay, so why not check out London for a couple of days before going to Georgia. Glad I did, it turned out that London is not that bad. I think that one day I might even learn to love the city. There was also something that I was excited about that was expecting me in London, The East End Food Tour.

What is East End Food Tour

The East End is a three and a half, four hours food tour in the East End neighborhood of London. The tour offers eight authentic tastings in favorite locals places and of course the history of the place and the places you visit as well. 

Food, locations, and taste 

St. John Bread and Wine – This was our first stop and one of my favorites. Here we’ve tried the legendary bacon sandwich that this place has to offer.

Usually, I’m not the biggest fan of bacon but this one was really crazy good! And the combination of everything together was just perfect! (right now writing this, I’m starting dreaming of another bacon sandwich, yummy).

It’s really not a consequence that it is ranking as the best bacon sandwich in London!

Besides the sandwich, I’ve noticed other good things on the menu, if I go back to London one day, I will surely visit this place again.

london food lovers east end food tour

The English Restaurant – The name speaks for itself. An authentic 17th-century heritage-listed restaurant with a story to tell. Beautiful wooden interior and delicious classic butter pudding.

Thanks to Madi’s suggestion we’ve put from the sauce in the middle of it and it was great, too sweet actually but absolutely good!

london food lovers east end food tour

The House of Androuet – Are you a cheese lover? I am! If you one as well then you will definitely going to love this place.

The place is owned by the brothers Loe and Alex, master cheesemongers, and cheese-maturing experts who share their love of cheese and everything about it.

We’ve tried two types of cheese – blue cheese and gouda cheese. The blue cheese is not my favorite usually but I really liked this one, it was very tasty in small portions.

london food lovers east end food tour

Poppies Fish and Chips – A busy place, obviously because it’s very good. Their fish and chips are the best in London and they are served wrapped in newspaper like they were in the old days.

The pea puree was also very nice and a great fit for the fish and chips.

london food lovers east end food tour

Pride of Spitalfields – A place like no other! The Pride of Spitalfields is a local pub serving the best of English beer and cider.

This place is very authentic and you will find many locals there and also one fat cat.

Wait! What cat?

That was maybe the most fluffy and adorable cat I have ever seen. (see the picture below, isn’t it?)

london food lovers east end food tour

AladinWe’ve tried three types of curries and one of them was even vegetarian. The others were lamb and chicken curries. I liked most the lamb one. 

While eating the delicious curries, we enjoyed nice conversations with each other. 

Aladin is listed among the top 10 Indian restaurants in London. 

london food lovers east end food tour

Beigel Bake – Yes, we’ve eaten bagels here. A soft bagel in the company of salty and tasty beef, gherkin, and English mustard. The bagel and the beef were really yummy but the mustard… I don’t like mustard, I actually think I hate it. However, I just didn’t eat it and the rest was good. The other people in the group liked it. 

Good to know: This place is open 24/7 if you’re hungry for bagels at any time. 

london food lovers east end food tour

Pizza East – Last stop. Dessert, please! 

Because of the name of the place we thought that we are going to eat pizza and we were all like ”pizza? After all this food? We can’t make it.”. But it was not pizza it was the cherry on the cake aka the dessert. 

Because this was our last stop we were able to spend here more time. I left earlier because I wanted to go on the alternative tour of London but it’s nice to stay for a while and get to know the others even more.

We’ve had a traditional English tea with chocolate and a salted caramel tart. 

The tart was really salty but I liked the combination with the whipped cream. 

Do you love chocolate? A visit to the Chocolate Story is one of the best things to do in York. Check it out if you’re visiting the city, 2 hours train ride from London. 

london food lovers east end food tour

The guide

The guide on my tour was Madi, a lovely, knowledgeable, and smiley girl. She was very sweet, always checking on everyone, and very communicative. During the tour, she was always telling us more about the place itself, the history of the area, and trying to get to know more about everybody.

If you decide to take the tour and she happens to be your guide, I can guarantee you that you will have a wonderful time with her, eating your way around London.

Conclusion: Is it worth it? 

At one moment during the tour, one boy in the group asked me how did I end up on the tour. All of the other people were Americans. He told me that he thought that this is maybe one of those tours that only the stupid Americans go to. Hmm, I don’t know, I guess that it just happened like this, and I don’t think that Americans are the only people going on the tour, not at all.

I enjoyed the tour and had a very nice time on it (and I love to eat). I think the East End Food Tour deserves to be on any food lover bucket list for London

The tour, though, it’s not very budget-friendly. However, if you can afford it, it is a very pleasant experience, I assure you. Plus, you can always save money with the London Pass – on other things around the city, of course, the tour is not included in it. 

Also, don’t forget to explore other parts of London – there are many things to do in Shoreditch for instance.

P.S. They have tours not only in London but also in Italy, Prague, and Amsterdam

I want to thank Eating Europe for having me as a guest in their London East End Food Tour. As always, opinions are my own!

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