5 Unique Trips to Try in Europe

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With a vast area stretching from the stunning coast of Greece in the south to the volcanic landscapes of Iceland in the north, Europe is home to some of the world’s most remarkable places. Whether you’re in the mood for visiting secluded islands or camping in the wild, Europe has got you covered. 

Here are five unique trips to try in Europe.

1. The Island of Croatia

Croatia is famous for its diverse coastline, home to over a thousand islands scattered across the vast Adriatic Sea. These islands have picturesque villages, stunning national parks, gorgeous beaches, and pristine wilderness, making Croatia a truly unique place to visit. 

One of the most beautiful islands in Croatia, and hidden gems in Europe, is Korcula, a charming island on Peljesac Peninsula, about a two-hour ferry ride from Split and about an hour ferry ride from Hvar island. Home to 15,000 residents, Korcula is a compact island that you can explore from end to end in less than an hour. But the most beautiful area on the island is its Old Town, which has cobblestoned streets lined with historic buildings, including an ancient cathedral. The Old Town is a joy to stroll around, where you’ll find hidden gems in its nooks and cranny, including cosy restaurants and cafes.

For adventurous travellers who want to venture into remote islands, head to Lastovo Island, Croatia’s remotest inhabited island in South Dalmatia. It remains relatively untouched and home to many tranquil beaches with almost no one around. The best way to explore the island is to hike or cycle on its trails.

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2. Tours in Lithuania 

Lithuania is one of Europe’s hidden gems, a picturesque country in Europe’s Baltic region. While most visitors would spend most of their time in Vilnius, the capital city, there are many other unique places to see in the country. A great way to explore here is by booking tours in Lithuania, allowing you to learn all about the country whilst you travel.

Depending on your preferences, you can book different tours in Lithuania, taking you to the country’s top attractions. The most popular tours will take you to the country’s top religious and cultural attractions, visiting sacred sites like the Hill of Crosses, a pilgrimage site home to more than 250 crosses. Most tours to the Hill of Crosses include a stop at the Great Battle Military District, where you’ll learn about Soviet occupation, Lithuania’s history, and the country’s fight for independence. 

If you want to get out of the bustling city of Vilnius to explore nature, book a full-day tour taking you to the Curonian Spit National Park. It usually includes a stop at the Hill of Witches, where you will learn about fairy tales with an opportunity to explore the area’s unique flora and fauna.

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3. Fine Dining in France

France is famous for its exciting gastronomic scene, making it a perfect destination for fine dining. The best place to indulge in luxury dining in France is in Paris, home to many of the country’s Michelin-starred restaurants. But if you want to discover the country’s finest wines, you should head to Bordeaux, Burgundy, or the Loire Valley, France’s most picturesque wine regions.

With so many excellent restaurants to enjoy fine dining in Paris, it’s hard to decide where to dine. Le Zébulon is a great restaurant to try if you want to indulge in good food after a day of exploring the city. It’s close to the Louvre Museum, right behind the gardens of Palais Royal. Le Zébulon is a contemporary bistro restaurant serving French classics with seasonal exotic influences. The menu changes constantly, and meals often come with a glass of the most delectable French wine.

If you’re visiting the wine region of Bordeaux, one of the best places to enjoy fine dining is Le Chapon Fin, which serves delectable regional cuisines and is housed in a historic building. It’s a gourmet restaurant serving local specialities, including duck liver pate and blue lobster. And as expected, the restaurant has an exceptional wine cellar featuring some of the region’s best wines.

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4. Camping in the UK

Camping has long been a popular activity in the UK. The country has some of the world’s most stunning natural landscapes and gorgeous national parks, home to camping sites offering a one-of-a-kind camping holiday. A camping trip in the UK is an excellent opportunity to soak up the country’s natural beauty while getting a much-needed break.

There are different ways to camp. Wild camping is ideal for adventurous campers who prefer to pitch a tent in the wild instead of camping at a designated camping site. Haystacks in the Lake District is the best place to go wild camping in the UK, where you’ll sleep surrounded by the stunning views of majestic mountains and some of the UK’s most gorgeous lakes.

If you don’t want to sacrifice modern comforts but want to experience sleeping in nature, choose glamping. Glamping is like a luxurious version of camping, where you’ll sleep in pre-pitched sites, complete with modern amenities. You will have a comfy bed to sleep in and a hot shower to freshen up. With glamping becoming very popular in the UK, you’ll find many glamping sites offering unique accommodations, from treehouses to cabins and yurts. 

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5. A Cruise in Greece 

Sailing the Greek islands is one of the most exciting things to try in your European vacation. It’s a fantastic way to explore the Mediterranean coast and escape from life’s daily stresses. But proper planning is essential to make the most of your Greek sailing adventure.

Mykonos would be an ideal base for your sailing adventure in Greece. Famous for its white-washed houses and windmills, Mykonos is a fun island to explore. Crete is a fascinating island to visit. It’s the largest among Greek islands and home to archaeological sites, including ruins that date back to 4,000 years.

Home to more than forty beaches, Skiathos is a great stop for your sailing adventure in Greece. The island is also fun to explore, with its beautiful town featuring quaint Mediterranean-style houses and cute alleyways. Hike up to the clock tower, where you can admire the island’s most sweeping views.

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