Hidden Gems to Discover While Traveling in Europe

hidden gems in austria

Traveling for fun and tourism is one of the activities many people worldwide want to experience. For those who have gotten so bored to death and are already getting sick of their environment, visiting a new place with features that will leave lasting memories will be suitable for restoring their psyche and mental well-being. Touring Europe in itself is always a fantastic idea, but when you aim to discover hidden gems during the journey, you sure are in for a treat of a lifetime.

Ease of Navigation

In Europe, many hidden gems are still waiting for the majority of tourists to discover. One good thing about touring the secret places in Europe is that it is easy to navigate through the smaller destinations. The navigation is made possible by the extensive bus and rail connections. Tourists usually get discouraged with the thought that it may be challenging to navigate through the smaller destinations. There is always a solution to find your way through. All you need is to go there and look for such means. Many countries in the continent of Europe have different peculiarities for hidden gems. You can take a map and look for a place that sounds strange and then set a course there to entertain your curiosity. Some of the areas in Europe with hidden gems are:

Some Hidden Gems in The UK

In the United Kingdom, many hidden locations serve as attractions to tourists because of the features they have that are uncommon. In Surrey, you have lots of ponds, cafes, beautiful walks, and some traditional pubs. There are exciting seal trips in Blakeney in Norfolk and the best crabbing on that part of the coast. In the Yorkshire Dales, there is a place called the Forbidden Corner, which many people don’t seem to know. People that have visited the area know it to be full of intricate passageways and blind alleys. The Forbidden Corner is more like a labyrinth of enchanting tunnels, chambers, and statues. It is more like experiencing the Harry Potter movie in real life, and kids would go crazy about the thought of visiting a hidden gem like this. 

traveling to surrey uk

Bohinj, Slovenia

Lake Bled in Slovenia is a popular place that tourists visit. These tourists hardly visit the other lakes around the area, which is understandable because lake Bled is breathtaking. Unlike lake Bled, Bohinj lake is less crowded. It is possible to be the only person at the Bohinj lake for so many hours because it is hidden. This lake has some snow-capped mountain tops around it. It is a beauty to behold. Bohinj is also a place for outdoor activities like hiking, paragliding, waterfall trekking, and biking. The reflective lakes near the mountains make the scenes around the area more beautiful.

traveling to hidden gems in slovenia

Lake Komani, Albania

This lake is in the north of Albania, and it is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. Hiking from Valbona to Thethi could last a whole day, and it is a fantastic experience, and it is one of the hidden gems in Europe. You should notice the lake Komani during your hiking. It is a flat lake that cuts through the valley with rising green cliffs on each side. You can take a passenger ferry across, but some people find it more interesting to book a stay at the stone house in the middle of the lake. This stone house has no electricity, but there is a lot of homemade cheese, liquor, and honey.

traveling to hidden gems in albania

Aguero, Spain

Aguero is a municipality located in Huesa, Spain. The village has two churches, but the hidden gem is one of the churches, the 12th-century Santiago church. Spain is especially known for the beautiful scenery and maybe a good idea would be to travel there by car. As the International Driving Permit Team says: “Spain is a country unrivaled for its natural beauty and its vibrant cities. There really is no better way to explore everything that Spain has to offer than by car.

hidden gems in europe to discover

Adishi, Georgia

Adishi village is situated at a height of 2,040 meters or so, above sea level. This is an old village with a 1000-year-old church. This rustic village has been untouched since the middle ages. Few tourists know about it, which makes it a must-visit spot in just about any intrepid globetrotting tourist’s itinerary. 

traveling to hidden gems in georgia

Cefalu, Sicily, Italy 

Cefalù is a small coastal city located in the northern Sicily region of Italy. Its Norman cathedral is its main claim to fame. This is a 12th-century fortress-like building that is suitably well equipped with elaborate Byzantine mosaics as well as a couple of soaring towers. It hosts the Mandralisca Museum with plenty of archaeological exhibits. 

hidden gems in italy

Sistelo, Portugal

There are few places as hauntingly beautiful as the terraced village of Sistolo in Portugal. The village dates way back to the medieval era. However, its massive Castle House was built much later in the 1800s. There is a communal laundry here fed by a mountain stream along with old stone granaries where the people still store their food. 

hidden gems in portugal, europe

South Coast of Iceland: To admire the waterfalls

Gljúfrabúi and Seljalandsfoss are two of the most exciting waterfalls that can be found in  Iceland. The latter is an absolutely stunning waterfall that plummets 60 m. What is more, you can actually walk behind its water curtain. Gljúfrabúi is a small but very pretty waterfall located inside a well-hidden but beautiful cave. 

iceland hidden gems

Bregenz, Austria: Ideal for hiking

If you like hiking, you will love Bregenz’s 2,858 hiking routes as well as the many options they provide for just about all outdoor enthusiasts. With literally thousands of hiking trails to choose from, even the most avid outdoor enthusiast would be spoilt for choice in Bregenz Austria. It is the ideal place for all ages. 

hidden gems in austria

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland: For stargazing

The Cairngorms National Park is widely considered by amateur astronomers and stargazers to be one of the top places for people who want to see the night sky in all its beauty. The community around has worked long and hard to reduce light pollution to a minimum. This is why the place has been awarded the coveted ‘International Dark Sky’ status.

scotland hidden gems

Provence, France: The see the lavender in full bloom 

There are few people in the world who would not be moved by the sight and fragrance of fresh lavender in bloom. This is why Provence France is the best place to see them. The lavander fields of Provance are accompanied with wheat and sunflower fields, deep blue lakes, and charming little villages and a visit there is one of the most unique things to do in southeast France

You should do well to visit the place sometime between the last week of June to early August to check them in full bloom. 

lavander fields in provance

Korcula, Croatia: For wine tasting

The Croatian island of Korcula is justifiably well known for its distinctive sights and traditional culture. However, its most popular feature is its ability to attract wine connoisseurs, from all over the world. It lays claim to the wine-making heartland of Croatia if not all of former Yugoslavia. If you have a taste for the good life, this place is a must-visit. 

traveling to hidden gems in croatia, europe

Final words

Visiting hidden gems when traveling in Europe brings long-lasting memories. Nothing beats going to a place on a map you have never been to before for a lifetime experience. There is a good feeling that comes with telling people about places they have never been to also. You could even write a book on your experience. After all, people prefer to read about something new.

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