The Best Paragliding Spots Around The World

best paragliding spots around the world

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Who hasn’t? We might not have wings to do so, but there is one cool sport that takes you close to that feeling – paragliding! 

When paragliding, except for the joy of flying, you get to enjoy amazing panoramic views. After my first paragliding flight in Georgia, I fell in love with it and that’s why I wanted to gather a list of some of the best paragliding spots around the world.

With the help of some fellow travel bloggers, here’s a list of some of the best paragliding spots around the world, that guarantee an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the flight!

Guadauri, Georgia

After hiking to the Gergeti Glacier in Kazbegi, it was time for another epic experience in Georgia, paragliding. 

I paraglide in Gudauri, which is a developing ski resort in the Caucasus Mountain Range at an elevation of 2, 200 meters above the sea level. Flying for 50 minutes above the gorgeous, virgin Georgian mountain was simply breathtaking. 

To be honest, my experience paragliding in Gudauri was more than I ever expected. And in my opinion, Gudauri is definitely one of the best paragliding spots around the world

by me 

best paragliding spots around the world

Algarve, Portugal

If you’ve always wanted to try paragliding – and I definitely did – the Algarve is a fantastic place to do it. With more than three hundred days of sunshine per year and practically no rainfall during the peak summer months, there are few places with better conditions than the South of Portugal.
Fly Algarve, the company I went with, offer paragliding and paramotoring in two locations in the Algarve: Cerro Cabeça de Camara in Loulé and Praia da Falésia in Albufeira. I chose Albufeira as the dynamic flight allowed you to fly a little closer to the cliffs and beach.
The Algarve’s coastline is stunning, and its beaches have been voted some of the best in the world. The flight at Albufeira would allow me to get some of the best views of the Algarve coastline, and to really get a feel for the type of movement that’s possible when paragliding.
It was a fantastic experience! The instructor was incredibly skilled and able to get up close with the cliffs and even with the people walking along them. I now see a part of the Algarve that I thought I was familiar with from a completely different point of view – definitely an experience that I’d recommend.
best paragliding spots around the world

Interlaken, Swizerland

Interlaken, Switzerland is the extreme sports lover’s ideal locale for some of the most beautiful paragliding views you could ever imagine.  You can choose to either paraglide in the winter or summer season, but I absolutely loved feeling like I was flying over the snow-capped mountains of the Jungfrau Region and the beautiful town of Interlaken.  There are also Christmas markets during the winter with warm cheese fondue that makes the perfect pitstop after your paragliding adventure.
For more inspiration about traveling in the Interlaken area, check this post of things to do in Grindelwald, a nearby village.
best paragliding spots around the world

Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

When I visit Switzerland I normally have my dog with me, which means I cannot do any activity without him. Though this is great on the one hand it also means that I still have one thing on my bucket list I am waiting to tick off…and this is to paraglide over Mount Pilatus in Switzerland, which absolutely seems like one of the best paragliding spots around the world.
When you visit Mount Pilatus, which per se in one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lucerne, Switzerland, you will be able to paraglide in more than 2000 meters height.
I visited Mount Pilatus on a sunny day and was awestruck by the view I had from there – in 2000 meters heigh Lake Lucerne looks even more beautiful and the only thing that probably offers better views than the viewing platform is when you paraglide. You cannot imagine how envious I was…The person who had the chance to paraglide there must have had one of the most amazing travel experiences.
Even if I cannot paraglide in the near future: I definitely recommend doing yourself when you are in Lucerne (and do not have to watch your dog all the time 🙂
best paragliding spots around the world

San Gil, Colombia

– Tom! It’s possible to run and jump off a cliff! And it’s cheap!

– Great, I always wanted to die young and still rich.

It was our last discussion before she smashed the ground. Just kidding, she is still alive. And it was an unforgettable paragliding experience.

Before going on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, we had decided to stop in San Gil (Santander Region). For me, it’s a perfect example of a typical Colombian town. A messy circulation, a lovely square with huge trees, a massive church, and lots of benches where old people spend their days.

But San Gil is well known by the Backpacker community for mainly one reason. It’s the Colombian Mecca for extreme sports like rappelling, rafting, and paragliding above Chicamocha – one of the deepest Canyons in the world!

Early in the morning, a van drives us for 1h30 – after many explanations and videos – on a winding road. And, through the windows, we start to discern a vast landscape. At the bottom, a turbulent river runs between the massive green walls of the Canyon.

Once arrived, I listen to my instructor carefully. I repeat his words over and over in my head. You run but you DON’T jump. Don’t Jump Tom. I fix an imaginary point in front of me. I feel his hand on my shoulder. I breathe. Once, twice. We run and … the rest is history. It’s time to make your own 😉

Price: 180 000 COP (60$) for 30 min. Transport included.

Tip: Don’t be a fool like me, apply sunscreen on your face.

best paragliding spots around the world

Gijon, Spain

Finding out the weather forecast for your upcoming destination looks grey and rainy should never be an issue. Here in the Northern part of Spain, we are used to always try to make the most out of our gorgeous land. That’s why we’d love to encourage everyone to visit this region no matter the climate. 
Gijon, a city by the Cantabric Sea in the green and beautiful Asturias, is a perfect Fall destination. In fact, if you happen to visit it in the shoulder season, you will face no big crowds, extreme temperatures, or expensive prices. And all its usual goodness will be still there. From San Lorenzo beach, where people take baths and surf all year round to La Providencia viewpoint where I was lucky to experience paragliding; there is a ton of cool things to do in Gijon. Enjoy!
best paragliding spots around the world

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the most famous and best paragliding spots around the world is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – I had an incredible experience! Since I haven’t done paragliding before, I was very nervous standing on the top of a mountain, with the ramp leading into the air.

I arranged my flight with an agency called “De Hilton”, and my pilot was very good in instructing me what to do and how to behave during the flight. According to him, the most important thing was to run as fast as I can before jumping off the ramp, without struggling or slowing down when the fall comes closer – easier said than done! Luckily, everything worked out very well and after the first few seconds, I started to realize that I’m flying above Rio!

It’s been incredible – I saw the mountains, the bay, the beach, the skyscrapers, and the ocean while flying above the city. After probably 10-15 minutes in the air, we had a smooth landing on the beach. All I had to do was lifting my feet so that my pilot could run into the sand. Paragliding was certainly one of my highlights in Rio and an experience you shouldn’t miss!

German Backpacker

best paragliding spots around the world

Bir Billing, India

Bir and Billing are two towns in India that have become world-renowned for some of the best paragliding in the world and even hosted the International Paragliding World Cup. So when I was in North India, I knew I had to pay them a visit!
Billing offers stunning views of the Himalayan mountains, while Bir, 14km away, is a quiet town, with Tibetan monasteries. The road to Billing is a thrill in itself, as you make your way up narrow winding roads on the side of a mountain to the take off-site. From there you just have to wait for the right wind conditions.
You take off from Billing, by literally running off a mountain at an altitude of 2400 meters, and then you land in Bir. The flight time really depends on the weather that day, but I was told to expect anything from 20-45 minutes of airtime.
While you are in the air, the views are simply breathtaking when seeing the Himalayan mountains and the other surrounding valleys below you from so high is something I will never forget. Better still, as you are in India, the price of this is very low, less than $35US for the whole experience including transportation to Billing from Bir.
If you’re in North India, then I can’t recommend paragliding at Bir Billing enough!
best paragliding spots around the world

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Among the numerous paragliding setting in Mexico, Valle de Bravo is one of the most popular among professional paragliders, for its perfect atmospheric condition and the stunning landscapes. For the amateurs and those who want to try the experience, there are many companies that offer this service in and around the town. You will fly from the nearby hills and over the cute town, one of the so-called Pueblo Magico and the soothing lake.

As it’s one of the best paragliding spots around the world, many expert paragliders come from all over the world and gather here to perform for different competitions, the most important of whom is the Monarca Paragliding Open, held in January, an amazing show to watch even if you are not a fan of this extreme sport. They leave from El Peñon, 10 miles from Valle de Bravo, and fly over the valley. I haven’t tried it when I was there and I regret it now. But it was fun to watch them flying free in the air just like big colorful birds.

best paragliding spots around the world

Photo by Alfredo Moran

Ranau, Malaysia

Close to Mount Kinabalu and Kota Kinabalu, you’ll find the scenic rolling hills of Ranau, Malaysia.  Although Ranau is known for World War II, a new generation is redefining this city with incredible paragliding
For as low as $50 USD, you can paraglide with the help of certified experts off one of the tallest hills in Ranau.  From there, you’ll have an incredible view over the city as you’re floating in the air feeling like a bird! The wind in Ranau can be fierce, so if you’re lucky like I was, you’ll get double your time as it might mean that landing is a bit trickier! 
The whole area near Kinabalu is perfect for those seeking adventure travel, so paragliding in Ranau is the perfect addition to any Borneo itinerary for someone looking for something different.  Although it was my first time paragliding, I felt safe and free gliding through the air.
best paragliding spots around the world

Pokhara, Nepal

Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal is one of the best places in the world whether it’s your first time trying the sport out or you’re an experienced flyer.

When you paraglide in Nepal you step off the side of a mountain that’s 5000 feet above sea level. Once you are airborne, you glide over hilltops and valleys before navigating over Phewa Lake. Once over the lake, the pilot can begin doing some small stunts and tricks such as drops and rolls if you like. The feeling is almost like being on a roller coaster!
Because Nepal is such an affordable destination Pokhara is one of the cheapest places in the world to try paragliding. For just $63 you will have a one-hour tandem session with a pilot, roundtrip transportation from your hotel, and they will also provide you with many photos and several videos taken during your flight.
If you’re thinking of trying paragliding you should definitely consider trying it in Pokhara!
best paragliding spots around the world
Khajjiar, India

Khajjiar is one such magical destination in India which has paragliding opportunities available for nature enthusiasts and like-minded travelers living in the country. It is a small abode nestled in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh and is often known as the Mini Switzerland of India.

The playground of this place is big and there is a sanctuary aligned adjacent to the retreat to enjoy the fascination of the wild. The place offers magical and enticing views of the Dhauladhar Himalayan ranges and the magic and bliss of Mother Nature. There are plenty of paragliding opportunities available in the region for young and enthusiastic individuals and getting lost in the wilderness prevailing in the region.

There are avenues of accommodation available in the region to lure tourists and within the reach of the people. Communication in the region is properly managed and there are no issues in transportation and other avenues in the area.

Travel Crusade 

best paragliding spots around the world

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