4 Tips for Keeping Up With Your Weight Loss Regimen During Travel

keeping up with your weight loss regimen during travel

Traveling allows anyone to experience new cultures and try unique things, prompting many to visit a couple of popular destinations worldwide. Americans, for example, intended to travel more last year, with 49% saying they planned to explore more places, as reported by Forbes. Whether it’s for visiting loved ones or seeing majestic landscapes, traveling provides anyone an escape from the usual hustle and bustle of their routines back home.

While it seems exciting, traveling may disrupt your usual activities at home, including your weight loss routine. It can be challenging to continue your fitness journey while on vacation, especially when you’re tempted to try many dishes in famous food districts like Emiglia-Romagna in Italy. If you’re looking to stay dedicated to your fitness routine, here are some tips for keeping up with your weight loss regimen during travel:

Engage in simple exercises 

Lack of equipment or proper spaces like gyms that help you work out can affect your fitness routine. To stay consistent in your weight loss journey, you can try easy workout routines that can be done while traveling. You can try simple yet high-impact exercises such as burpees, lunges, and wall squats from the comfort of your hotel room. These exercises can help you work out specific muscle groups and improve cardiovascular health without equipment. Doing so enables you to maintain your health, burn more calories, and stick to your weight loss regimen even if you’re enjoying a tropical trip to Bali in Indonesia.

Find ways to maintain motivation 

It’s tempting to break free from the usual health restrictions when you travel – but this can hamper your progress. Instead, you can find ways to maintain your motivation for weight loss during a trip, such as rewarding yourself for reaching 10,000 steps during a walking tour in Rome. Rewards can be aligned with your goals, so if you want to celebrate losing even a single pound while traveling, you can reward yourself by purchasing the exercise equipment you’ve been eyeing. You can also set realistic weight-loss goals, such as losing one pound throughout your trip or meeting your daily calorie intake. That way, you won’t be pressured to stay fit, letting you enjoy your trip while staying motivated to exercise.

Try healthy local foods

Going to other places is not complete without trying out famous delicacies and food staples, but this may seem like a problem if you’re trying to cut back on food consumption. To help you enjoy and feel less conscious about overeating, you can focus on sampling healthy local foods instead. If you’re traveling to South Korea, you can eat their tasty and healthy local dishes, including kimchi and bibimbap. This gives your body the necessary nutrients to provide energy for exercise and other activities throughout your trip. That way, you won’t feel guilty about trying out many different dishes as long as you’re eating in moderation and trying out foods that are good for your health.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking lots of water helps you hydrate during a hot outdoor tour in places like Barcelona, but did you know water also aids your weight loss journey? Since water is a no-calorie beverage, it can reduce calorie intake while keeping you feeling full, allowing you to lose weight during a trip, especially when combined with exercises like walking. Research published in Harvard Health also shows that drinking water encourages fat breakdown, eventually leading to weight loss. Be sure to carry a water bottle with you throughout the trip!

Traveling is a gateway to many memorable experiences, but strive to stay on track with your weight loss journey, even as you explore countries abroad. Engaging in exercises that are easy to do, motivating yourself, trying out healthy local foods, and drinking plenty of water are some things you can do during a trip to stay consistent in your fitness journey. 

**Post in collaboration with Morgan McKenzie.