A Unique Cooking Experience With Grandmas in Barcelona

unique cooking experience with gradnmas in barcelona

If you’re traveling to Barcelona and looking for something alternative to do away from the tourist attractions, then this unique cooking experience with grandmas is what you need to try!

Maybe it’s your first time in Barcelona, or maybe it’s not and that’s why now you’re looking for something exciting to do, something that you haven’t done before. Either way, The Grandma’s Cooking Barcelona class is a unique experience that will take you closer to one of the best things about Barcelona – the food!

unique cooking experience with gradnmas in barcelona

But it’s not just about the food – it’s about the idea, about the experience and about the grandma’s, which are the reason why this is not just an ordinary cooking class.

Grandma’s are actually the biggest secret of the Catalan and Spanish cuisine. They don’t follow recipes, they create them. Grandma’s haven’t been to a culinary school, they know all the secrets from their grandmas, secrets that are passed from generation to generation.

But you know what is their biggest secret? They do everything with passion and love! And when you use these two ingredients the results are always phenomenal. And that’s why such an experience is easily one of the best things to do in Spain.

unique cooking experience with gradnmas in barcelona

About Grandma’s Cooking Barcelona

Grandma’s Cooking Barcelona offers hands-on cooking classes based on the traditions. The classes are hosted by grandmas who are willing to share their secrets, their knowledge, and most importantly their passion.

In the class, grandmas are sharing the secrets of the traditional Spanish and Catalan kitchen, while you’re cooking your full menu from the scratch. The menu consists of a starter, main dish, and dessert.

The founder of Grandma’s Cooking Barcelona, Yves is a social cooker whose passion for cooking with people gave the birth of the idea of this unique experience. Along with Yves, the other mind behind the class is Veronica. Veronica believes that the teaching of cooking has a goal to bring a cultural, historical, and gastronomic sense to the act of cooking for other people.

Both Yves and Veronica are wonderful people and the experience of cooking with grandmas wouldn’t be the same without them.

About the experience

We started our cooking class experience at the market, where we went together to get the ingredients for our menu.

At Grandma’s Cooking Barcelona, they believe that ingredients play a crucial role in the cuisine. That’s why they use only fresh and seasoned products bought from people they trust in the markets. And with their experience, of course, they know who to trust and where to buy from.

It was very nice that we’ve had the chance to join them for the shopping, that was a great additional experience for the class.

The kitchen of Grandma’s Cooking Barcelona is very well equipped and well maintained.

After we arrived and has some time to relax, we put on our aprons, we rolled up our sleeves, and started cooking.

Grandma showed us how to clean the fish, she showed us a few tricks about cutting, etc and basically, everyone was always busy with something. Busy, especially with taking pictures and listening to what grandma has to say.

The whole class was fun and we all had a great time.

The cooking class was definitely a unique experience that everyone who wants to immerse himself in the culture of traditional Spanish and Catalan cuisine needs to try. Plus, grandma is such a sweetheart that you will fall in love in. She has a big smile and an even bigger heart.

unique cooking experience with gradnmas in barcelona

In the end, after a few hours of shopping, cooking, laughter, and learnings, it came time for our lunch.

The whole group, together with grandma, Yves, and Veronica, we enjoy the delicious food that we all prepared together. Everything was so good and I believe it even tasted better because it was something that we’ve all made together – a group of people that were strangers to each other just a few hours ago. Cooking connecting people. Grandma’s Cooking Barcelona connecting people.

So, if you’re traveling to Barcelona, the city of flamenco, the Sagrada and good food, and you’re looking for something alternative to do away from the tourist attractions, something that is unique and memorable, then consider singing for the most unique cooking experience in Barcelona, The Grandma’s Cooking Class.

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I want to thank Grandma’s Cooking Barcelona for having me as a guest in their hands-on cooking class. As always, opinions are my own!

unique cooking experience with gradnmas in barcelona



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