The 10 Best Things Everyone Should do in Rome

things everyone should do in rome

Rome, the city where on every steph you stumble in history, can offer endless opportunities for how to spend your time in the city. But no matter your taste and preferences, there are a certain things that everyone should do in Rome, no matther if it is you first or fifteenth time in the Italian capital.

Everyone has heard the phrase ”You haven’t been to Rome if you haven’t seen the pope”, right?

Well seeing the pope is not on my list of things everyone should do in Rome. When I was visiting Rome I didn’t have any plans to ”see” him, though it happened.

However, on this list are my favorite things to do in Rome and the things that I have enjoyed the most when I was in the eternal city. Keep on reading and discover some of Rome’s highlights. 

P.S. One of the most interesting facts about Rome that I recently discovered is that the city is actually 2, 500 years older than the Republic of Italy. Rome was founded in 753 BC, while Italy was formed as a country in 1861. 

So, what are the things everyone should do in Rome?


Throw a coin and make a wish in the Trevi Fountain

I was dreaming of visiting Rome since I was a little girl. I was dreaming of throwing a coin and making a wish in the fountain since I can remember. 

Although this is probably the most touristy thing to do in Rome, who doesn’t want to go back to Rome and who doesn’t want his wishes to become true?!

The legend of throwing a coin into the fountain says that if you do so, one day you’ll be back in the eternal city. 

The Fountain is always crowded with people and can be very annoying to deal with them. You can try visiting it early in the morning when there would be fewer people. Also, make sure to visit the Trevi Fountain at night.

P.S. Rome is one of the most romantic places in Italy if you manage to get away from the crowds and enjoy its beauty in solitude. Trevi Fountain is one of the romantic spots in Rome, so don’t miss the chance to take there your other half when everyone else is gone. 

things everyone should do in rome

Explore the narrow streets of Trastevere

Trastevere is a neighborhood on the west bank of the Tiber River. The name Trastevere comes from Latin and can be translated to ”beyond the Tiber”. It has some unique vibe and feels bohemian.

The lovely, narrow streets can still your heart.

Trastevere is all about art and food. There are many handicrafts and jewelry markets. The whole place is full of charming restaurants, cafes, and bars, which can be very pricey too. Trastevere one of the tourists’ hot spots.

Trastevere is also a place for meetings between locals and travelers.

If you’re wondering where to grab a coffee or a bite, check this post of places to eat in Trastevere

things everyone should do in rome

Visit the Colosseum

You can not even imagine how impressive the Colosseum is without seeing it with your own two eyes. It’s giant, it’s beautiful and I was dumb for not going inside. Why didn’t I? Because I left it for my last day, unfortunately, it was raining then and I decided not to go. What was I thinking?

I meet one local there who was telling me that he just recently visit it for the first time and he was 28 years old. However, like I already mention I’m sure that one day I’ll be back and I’m going to mend my mistake.

Interested to see another great and historic place in Italy? Go on a day trip to Pompeii from Rome. I personally went to see Pompeii from Naples that is way closer, but if you’re just visiting Rome, then go for it. 

things everyone should do in rome

Pasta with a view

Of course, when you in Rome you’re going to eat gelato, pizza, pasta and get fat. But when you in Rome what’s better than eating delicious Italian food with a view. And not just whatsoever view, but a view of the Colosseum. The best pasta ever!

Okay, this past that I ate with the view of the Colosseum was not the best pasta in the world but who cares?

On the other side of the street from the Colosseum, there are many places to sit and eat, which are of course, very pricey as well. However, I found that there was a good deal at that place I ate (I didn’t take it though). It was that if you order a cocktail for 10 euros, you can get as much food as you want from the buffet. There were also other places in Rome where there was the same deal. That’s how one of the nights I almost died from ”free” sushi.

things everyone should do in rome

Relax at the Orange Garden

One of the best and also free things to do in Rome is my favorite Orange Garden. Relaxing in the garden and enjoying the awesome view from there definitely has to be one of the things that everyone should do in Rome.

Thank you, Andreas, my Roman local guide for taking me there and showing me this amazing place I fell in love immediately with.

The view from there will reveal to you the dome of St. Peter Basilica, Piazza Venezia, and a huge part of the whole city.

things everyone should do in rome

Look through the keyhole 

A few steps away from the Orange Garden is the door with the secret not so secret anymore keyhole.

What about this keyhole? What’s the deal with it?

If you look through it, you will see the St. Peter Basilica in front of you. No one knows if the keyhole was designed that way on purpose or it is just a lucky coincidence.

Enjoy the view from the St. Peter Basilica dome

Would you like to enjoy another wonderful view? Sure you do and so should everyone else.

The view over the Vaticana from the St. Peter Basilica dome is wonderful. I’ve spent there probably more than one hour to enjoy it.

The ticket to get there cost 5/7 euro, depending on if you would like to take the stair or the elevator.  

things everyone should do in rome

Night walk

Rome is absolutely gorgeous at night. A night walk around the eternal city is definitely one of the things everyone should do in Rome.

If you thought that the Colosseum looks majestic during the day, wait to see it during the night.  And not only the Colosseum, of course.

things everyone should do in rome

Get off the beaten path

Yes, the touristy places in Rome are amazing but not the touristy ones are nice as well. So, one of the things everyone should do in Rome is also to get off the beaten path.

It would be lovely to take a walk in the Villa Borghese gardens, to explore the business district EUR or the Garbatella neighborhood.

Garbatella is a very interesting place with lots of things to see there, every one of which carries his own history. It would be hard though to learn about them on your own. My local Roman guide took me there and told me all about a lot of things that we saw there, like the stories behind some of the graffiti, the story of the stairs of love, the Gandhi hotel, and more that I have already forgotten.

things everyone should do in rome

Get lost

The absolute best thing everyone should do not only in Rome but everywhere. I believe this is the best way to explore a new place. Also this way I always find something that I wouldn’t find otherwise.

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Wait. What? Where are the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel, The Roman Forum, and The Spanish steps, along with so many other places?

These are indeed amazing places to see in Rome but I wanted to make this list of things everyone should do in Rome according to me and what I liked the most.

Those are the things I believe everyone should do in Rome and they can be absolutely enough to fall in love with the city on your first visit to do eternal city, or second, or third, however.

Have you been to Rome? What did you do from that list? What do you wish you have done or what do you wish to do when you visit the eternal city for the first time?

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