How to Visit Paris on a Budget

Paris on a budget

Paris is an amazing city with a wonderful vibe. The city is full of history, art, nice cafes, and so on. I bet everyone wants to visit this great city at least once in their life and you have to. Yet a lot of people don’t book their tickets just because we all know that Paris is expensive. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Let me show you.

First I want to tell you that if you are a European citizen under the age of 26 there are plenty of things to do and see in Paris without spending anything. You only need to show your EU ID or passport as proof. That includes the National museums ( the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, etc. ), Arc De Triomphe, Panthéon, and more.

Getting to Paris

You can look at Momondo or Skyscanner to find the best deals. They are also low-cost airlines like Wizz Air offering great prices. The only minus here is that they are serving the remote airports. The airport which Wizz Air serv is Beauvais, 85 km from Paris. From there you can get a bus for 17 euros to Porte Maillot and from there you have a connection with the metro.

After you get to the city, you can finally explore the city. Here’s a great 4 day Paris itinerary for some inspiration. 

how to visit paris on a budget

Accommodation in Paris

Looking at the hotel prices you can easily give up visiting the city. They are so expensive omg. But there are other ways to find accommodation for a lot less or even for free.

Where to stay: Generator Paris and St. Christopher’s Inn Gare du Nord Hostel are great options for budget travelers.

Airbnb – This site connects you with homeowners who rent out their apartments/homes to you. You will pay a fraction of the cost of a hotel room and even get the chance to stay in a local, not touristy part and enjoy the comforts of home. Get a $30 discount off for your first staying using this code.

Couchsurfing – This site allows you to stay on people’s couches for free. Except that it saves you money, you also get the chance to meet locals who can tell you so much more about the city or even get you around. I was using Couchsurfing when I was in Paris and my host Zak was awesome ( still keep in touch with him ).

Eating in Paris

Eating in a restaurant may cost you as much as your plane ticket so sticks to the street food, picnics, and cooking. But don’t miss having one of those must-try foods in Paris

Transportation in Paris

I think that Paris is a great city to explore on foot but if you don’t enjoy walking all day like me then take the metro or the Vélib. Skip the taxis.

Metro – Single ticket cost 1.70 euro and you can also get a pack of 10 tickets for 13.70 euros. Saves you 3.30 euros.

how to visit paris on a budget
Vélib – Another great way to explore Paris is on a bike. There are 20 000 bikes at 1 800 stations around the city. A one-day pass costs 1.70 euro and a one-week pass is 8 euros.

Paris’s attractions

Visit the Louvre, Musee Rodin, Musee d’Orsay, and others for free every first Sunday of each month.

Notre Dame Cathedral / Sacré-Cœur -the churches are free to visit though some parts of them such as towers and crypts tend to have an entry charge.

Père-Lachaise Cemetery – One of the most famous cemeteries in the world. Visit the tombs of the great and famous, including Balzac, Edith Piaf, and hundreds more for free.

Jardin du Luxembourg

There are many other things you can do in this great city which are budget-friendly or for free. For example, take a walk on both sides of the Seine, make a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower. Or, check what can 10$ can get you in Paris

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