Day Trip to Buzludzha

buzludzha day trip

 A week ago I went for a day trip to the Buzludzha Monument. I wanted to visit this place for a long time. To be honest, I wasn’t very interested in history, but more in the architecture, the whole region where it is located, and the adventure. The monument is closed to the public but I really wanted to get in. Of course, you can guess that this happened.

About Buzludzha

The Buzludzha Monument is an abandoned building on top of the Buzludzha peak in the Central Stara Planina. It is the biggest ideological monument of the totalitarian regime in Bulgaria. The monument is listed among the creepiest/beautiful abandoned monuments on Earth.

The monument was erected in 1981 as a home for the Bulgarian Communist Party. It represents a domed hall and a 70-meter pylon. On top of the pylon (where we also went) are installed two mullets (former symbols of communism) with a height of 12 meters. The ceremonial hall has a diameter of 42 meters and a height of 14.5 meters, it’s decorated with mosaics with a total area of 550 square meters. The mosaics evoke the struggles of the Bulgarian Communist Party and the building of the socialist society. The monument was built on a high peak so that it can be seen from far away.

After the fall of communism and the political changes in Bulgaria in November 1989 the monument state dramatically worsens. In 1992 the monument was nationalized and sealed. The monument began to collapse, the windows are breaking, the mosaics are ripped. A lot of people who were against the communist regime were going there to destroy the place.

Nowadays the monument is damaged and closed to the public. The entrance is sealed with iron doors and bars. However, you can still get inside on your own responsibility and risk.



About the adventure

You can get to the top by car or leave the car below on the road and hike to the monument. The hike is easy and doesn’t take more than 15-20 minutes.

After we get there I was amazed by the architecture and the size of the monument. But once there you can’t get satisfied just walking around it and looking at it from outside. Like I’ve already mentioned above the entrance is sealed, but there are two small opened holes at the backside of the monument from where you can get inside. From the hole that we chose to get in from you must descent on a rope. If you haven’t done it before don’t worry is not that hard. Once you down you are already inside. The first thing to do is to explore the impressive Auditorium. When we enter I was amazed. Take time to look around and enjoy the views.



It’s time to go to the top of the tower, the best part. To reach the top you have to climb a lot of stairs in the dark abandoned depths of Buzludzha. To climb to the top it takes around 5-10 minutes, but be careful. After reaching the top you’ll be welcomed with an amazing view, it’s absolutely worth it. But again getting inside is your own choice and at your own risk and responsibility.


How to get to Buzludzha

Unfortunately, there are no direct buses or trains from Sofia to Buzludzha. The most convenient way to get there is to travel by car. I would highly recommend booking a private guide.

What to bring with you:

Comfortable clothes

Comfortable hiking shoes

Headlamp – many parts of the inside of the monument are dark. The headlamp will be useful also if you decide to reach the top.

Gloves – The monument can be visited throughout the whole year, although the warm months may be the best time, I was there in the winter and gloves are a must.

Snacks and drinks – Water and some energy bars or a sandwich.


Your good mood – You are going on an adventure!

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 Day Trip To Buzludzha