The Book Every Traveler Should Have (203 Travel Challenges Book Review)

book every traveler should have

”In today’s world, we read more and more but actually learn less and less. We travel more but change less. We watch more but play a smaller part in our own lives. We’ve seen infinite tourist destinations a thousand times on the Internet and no longer are easily amazed, even when we actually visit the place. So why we bother to travel at all? ”

This is how the book every traveler should have starts. And isn’t it true? I know everyone will agree. Yes, it’s sad but unfortunately, it’s true. 

So, what is this book about then? 

This book is written by two Bulgarian girls, Maria Angelova and Ivalina Nenova. They’ve made this book not just for reading it but for taking action. The book every traveler should have, 203 Travel Challenges will give you ideas for destinations and new experiences but the most amazing thing it will do is to challenge you to do and see things that you might never even thought of. 

In 203 Travel Challenges book you will find: 

  • Outdoor challenges
  • Once – in – a – lifetime challenges 
  • Happiness challenges to help you find yourself
  • Hometown challenges
  • Friendship and love challenges
  • Crazy challenges 

I’ve already have completed some of the challenges in this book and probably my favorite one of them is the art of traveling solo. Besides them, I found many new cool ideas for myself and I definitely accept the challenges. Will you? 

Why 203 Travel Challenges is the book every traveler should have? 

I believe that every traveler should have this book because it’s very positive and because you will never get bored if you have it. 

The authors suggest to us this book by opening a random page, read the challenge and complete it. Which is another challenge itself, right? 

book every traveler should have

In the book, there is also a test to find out what kind of traveler you are. I’m somewhere between the sociable traveler and the spontaneous traveler according to the test.  

Okay, so now your probably wondering where can you find this book, get it for yourself, or as a present for your traveler friends and start completing the challenges.

So, where can you find this book? 

The book every traveler should have is available as a Kindle edition on Amazon and as a paperback. You can even find more inspiration and travel tips on the 203 Travel Challengers website

Share your challenge and become an inspiration for others!

After reading and completing some of the challenges in the book you can send your story to the 203 Travel Challenges website where you can find other travel stories inspired by this book. Also, if you find out about this book from me and complete any of the challenges and decide to share it, please let me know, I would love to read your adventures stories.

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203 Travel Challenges was given to me by the authors of the book, however, all the opinions here are my own.

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