The 5 Most Unusual Free Tours From Around The World

unusual free tours from around the world

Discover 5 of the most unusual Free Tours from around the world, you will not expect that exist.

Have you ever heard about Free Tours or done Free Tours in the past? Before exploring some of the world’s strangest Free Tour, a quick definition is required.

Free Tours are the perfect way to explore a city in a couple of hours. Even if the name ‘Free Tour’ can be confusing, these tours are not for ‘free’. They are based on donations or tips depending on the performance of the guide and of course on your budget. Nowadays, they are plenty of Free Tours all around the world. Most of them are about history and old city centers but more and more it can be seen as a trend in developing untypical and alternative Free Tours.

unusual free tours from around the world

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In this post, you’ll find 5 of the most original and unusual ones.

Kick bikes tour in Vienna, Austria

Who said that Free Tours are only Free Walking Tours? You have now the possibility to do a Free Tour in Vienna using fancy kick bikes! But it is most likely that you don’t know what it is. As its name suggests, a kick bike is a hybrid means of transport between a bike and a micro kickboard. You cannot definitely find more hipster than that. And that’s exactly the point of this tour!

During this tour, you’ll discover hipster places shown by a true local guide. With this unconventional Free Tour, you’ll not know about history or important buildings but rather experience and understand the current Vienna lifestyle and society and living like a young local. Nothing is planned in advance of what you’re going to see. It all depends on your guide, Austrian weather and of course, on you! But for sure, you’ll have an authentic, fun, and unforgettable experience!

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unusual free tours from around the world

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Free Colombia vs Pablo Escobar Tour in Bogota, Colombia

Have you ever watched the successful series Narcos? Or planning to go to Colombia soon? This is the Free Tour you can’t miss in the capital of Colombia.

Free Colombia vs Pablo Escobar Tour is different from similar tours existing in Medellin or Bogota. Other Pablo Escobar Tours will play on the Narcos series aspects of the character and would rather glorify Pablo Escobar as someone important and ultimately present him as a hero and not as a villain. But let’s be honest. Even if the story of the world’s most famous drug dealer is fascinating and that he made some good actions for his country, he is still a criminal and responsible for one of the darkest pages of Colombian History.

Through this Free Tour of 2h30, you will understand the true face of Pablo Escobar, drug traffic in Colombia, and what he really brought to Colombia: terror and crimes.

unusual free tours from around the world

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Free Corruption Bus Tour in Mexico City

A Free Tour about corruption? Yes, you can find it in the capital of Mexico!

In Mexico, corruption is a real scourge. It would cost the country some 10% of its gross domestic product, which is worth for Mexico to rank 123rd out of 176 countries studied according to Transparency International! To denounce incessant corruption scandals, this original Free Tour, called the Corruptour, was created to raise awareness by explaining corruption in a fun way in Mexico and showing buildings related to its biggest scandals.

This controversial Tour is a Bus Tour based on the model of tourist coaches which crosses the emblematic places of corruption in the Mexican capital and it is totally free of charge. Among the places, you’ll see you have a visit to the headquarters of the Mexican subsidiary of the OHL Group, the senate, the social security institute where a subway stop cost the equivalent of more than one billion euros, before being temporarily closed for security reasons. Given the success of the initiative, another new tour showing other buildings was designed in the Mexican capital.

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Macabre Krakow, Poland

Do you want to hear some crazy and terrifying stories about ghosts? Then, doing a Free Tour in Krakow is the right thing to do. Discover the beautiful Krakow on another side as a haunting city.

This Free Tour called Macabre Krakow is all about secrets and legends of the city back to the medieval age by telling you its darkest stories, like the Lady in Black. Very informative, this 1h30 Tour will also show you the best attractions in the old town and some torture instruments that were used in the past. Beware, this Tour is only allowed for people over 18 years old. You have been warned!

unusual free tours from around the world

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The Worst Tour in Porto, Portugal

What an appealing name (or not): the Worst Tour in the world, and for free! But why is this tour so terrible? Not because of the guide poor knowledge but for the hopeless places shown and stories told in the sunny city of Porto in Portugal.

This Free Tour is a very alternative and proposes to tourists to discover the other side of the postcard of Porto, the second most important city in Portugal, hurt by a strong economic recession. Founded by three architects that turn into tourist guides for the occasion, this tour is looking for the beauty in the ugly sides of the city. They will show you abandoned shops, squares, forgotten small streets, old markets, and the stories related to them.

While doing this Tour, you will certainly not feel like a tourist. You may even be affected by a strange feeling and really feel the city as your own. You will also have a better picture of the concrete effects a recession can create as it is the case in various European cities.

unusual free tours from around the world

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There were the top 5 of the most unexpected and unusual Free Tours from around the world, you can find. Of course, they may be a lot of special paid tours, but alternative Free Tours are becoming increasingly more popular. This was only a selection of some of them. 

Do you know any other unusual free tours anywhere in the world? Have you participated in any of these? 

So tell us, which one of these unusual Free Tours would you like to take part of?  

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